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Viviana Gonzalez

H2 Clipper Granted U.S. Patent for “Lighter-Than-Air” Dirigible Design, Advancing the Company’s Mission to Accelerate the Hydrogen Economy

By H2 Clipper Company News

H2 Clipper, Inc. was granted US Patent 11,066,145 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Lighter-Than-Air Airship with Improved Structure and Delivery System,” covers an improved structural and delivery system for H2 Clipper’s “lighter-than-air” airships, which will be essential to unlocking the global hydrogen…

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How Hydrogen Will Help Industrials Meet Decarbonization Goals And Leave Fossil Fuels Behind

By Hydrogen Investments

As the manufacturing, transportation, and utility sectors look to reduce their carbon emissions, hydrogen could be the most promising energy source. But for adoption to catch on broadly, the price of hydrogen needs to drop considerably to compete with fossil fuels. Hydrogen production capacities and distribution networks will also need…

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Worldwide Capacities for Hydrogen Electrolysis Are Expected to Increase 1000-fold by 2040 – Germany Remains the Most Attractive Market for Investments

By Hydrogen News

German and European companies are leading: 23 percent of the projects in Germany planned, in Europe a total of 85 percent.  Germany remains the most attractive market for investments in low-emission hydrogen, but there are also new, ambitious plans and strategies in Italy, Poland and…

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Blue sky thinking! Google co-founder Sergey Brin builds world’s largest aircraft for $150M as a family ‘yacht’

By Airship News

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin is shifting his focus from technology to aviation, with plans to build the world’s largest airship to assist with disaster relief worldwide. The billionaire’s company LTA Research and Exploration is reportedly aiming to build a massive 656-foot-long craft powered by an ‘equally…

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