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Breaking the Barriers to Innovation

By December 15, 2021January 4th, 2022No Comments

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Breaking the Barriers to Innovation

Dec 15, 2021 • Dassault Systemes

The New Aerospace Pioneers of the 21st Century

With increased competition and demand for new technology to make the world safer and easier to travel in a sustainable way, the Aerospace and Defense industry continually reshapes itself, building on its long history and culture of innovation.

Today, we are part of a new century of powered flight and space exploration. With the same daring and the advantages of new technologies, aerospace inventors push the boundaries of flight. We see the emergence of players that are disrupting the mobility market with innovative configurations such as Bell, Zuri, Joby Aviation. In the space market, companies like Space X, Blue Origin and Ball Aerospace are lowering cost to access space with their reusable launchers and innovative technologies. Established players and start-ups like Airbus, Eviation and H2 Clipper also reinvent and reinvigorate their businesses by accelerating innovation tending towards zero emission aircraft and driving costs down.

Across the Aerospace & Defense industry, environmental priorities are closely linked to key business goals such as efficiency, profitability and regulatory compliance. That provides a powerful impetus for continuous innovation as companies look for new ways to reduce waste, energy consumption and emissions, increase efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud enables companies to design and consolidate all their data on a single location, to keep a unique, clear and clean configuration of all the subsystems. The cloud gives users exceptional agility: all employees can access the platform simultaneously and continuously interact, regardless of the domain they work in or the application they use and monitor the overall balance of the aircraft at each change.

Seamless digital collaboration on one platform enables rapid acceleration of new programs from concept to takeoff while significantly cutting development costs.

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