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7 myths about hydrogen power debunked

By November 18, 2021December 2nd, 2021No Comments

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7 myths about hydrogen power debunked

Nov 18, 2021 • Science Focus

Hydrogen power is a large part of net-zero energy plans – but is it really cleaner than fossil fuels? And will it ever be economically viable?

Snam CEO, Marco Alvera, writes that hydrogen is now set to play a crucial role helping to tackle the climate crisis and wean the world off greenhouse gas emissions. In a net-zero CO2 world, studies estimate that hydrogen could account for up to a quarter of our overall energy needs. Yet, despite its central role in the world’s carbon-free future, a number of myths about hydrogen persist. These are:

– Myth #1: Hydrogen is too dangerous to ever be used on a large scale – Alvera describes why hydrogen, carefully managed, need be no more risky than the fuels we use today.

– Myth #2: Hydrogen is a dirty fuel that is part of the problem, not the solution – Alvera describes the shift taking place in how hydrogen will be produced to address future needs.

– Myth #3: Hydrogen is inefficient and not economically viable – Alvera describes that while using renewable electricity directly is more energy-efficient than first converting it to hydrogen, and then using that for power, there are many situations and requirements where direct electrification is impossible or unfeasible.

– Myth #4: Using hydrogen at scale will require a whole new energy infrastructure – Alvera states that this is fundamentally untrue, at least in Europe, where a significant portion of the existing pipeline infrastructure can be used to transport hydrogen.

– Myth #5: Transporting hydrogen over huge distances is very expensive – Alvera states that hydrogen is an excellent energy carrier, and much less costly for helping to harness the energy of the world’s windiest and sunniest places – from the hottest deserts to the wildest oceans – and transporting this power to where demand is high. He argues that this is best achieved through existing natural gas pipelines than electric cables or ships.

– Myth #6: Transport can be fully electrified, so why do we need hydrogen? – Alvera describes that some forms of transport can’t be fully electrified, such as airliners, cargo ships, and heavy transport such as trucks and some trains.

– Myth #7: If hydrogen is so fantastic, we would have started to use it years ago. – Alvera argues that what’s changed is that renewable power has become cheap, the technology of electrolyzers has matured, and leaders have finally woken up to the profound global peril of greenhouse gas emissions.

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