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GKN Aerospace releases hydrogen fuel cell powertrain progress update

By January 6, 2022January 14th, 2022No Comments

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GKN Aerospace releases hydrogen fuel cell powertrain progress update

Jan 6, 2022 • Hydrogen Fuel News

GKN Aerospace has released an update about its H2GEAR hydrogen fuel cell powertrain as the project reaches its one-year mark, noting a slight shift in the progress of this British government-backed work

GKN Aerospace, a British aerospace innovator, is leading the H2GEAR collaboration program in the United Kingdom. The program aims to develop the company’s first sub-regional aircraft hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system. The UK government-backed the H2GEAR development in January 2021 with $72.5 million (£54 million) in funding. The project’s goal, according to GKN Aerospace, was for a ground test delivery by 2026 for a 1MW powertrain. This would include the hydrogen storage, hydrogen fuel cells, power management system, and the electric motor.

According to GKN Aerospace’s chief technology officer, Russ Dunn, it has become clear “just how integrated the propulsion system, the hydrogen-electric system, is to the overall aircraft [and] depending on what you are targeting the system for, that will have a significant effect on the size and complexity of the system and the amount of heat that needs to be dissipated. The fact is, you almost need to design the aircraft in order to design the system.”

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