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Global green-hydrogen pipeline exceeds 250GW — here’s the 27 largest gigawatt-scale projects

By December 21, 2020November 19th, 2021No Comments

This article lists the world’s 27 biggest green-hydrogen projects under development as of August, 2021 – up from just 13 projects adding up to 50GW in December 2020. Just six months later, the gigawatt-scale project pipeline adds up to about 260GW.

By region, these projects include: Western Europe (7); Australia (7); Middle East (4); South America (3); and two (2) projects in each of the UK/Ireland, Eastern Europe and China. See the full article for a complete list.

According to the article, “The thinking behind leaping from megawatt-scale to gigawatt-scale is that the future demand for green H2 will be gigantic, and that costs can be quickly driven down through economies of scale.”