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Carbon Neutral Flight

How FedEx plans to become carbon neutral by 2040

By March 4, 2021November 28th, 2021No Comments

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How FedEx plans to become carbon neutral by 2040

Mar 4, 2021 • Fast Company

The shipping giant plans to fully electrify its delivery trucks. The planes are a harder problem.

If you get a FedEx delivery in some Californian cities later this year, it might show up in a new electric delivery vehicle—and come down the sidewalk in a new electric pallet that helps couriers carry heavier loads. The company will be receiving 500 of the vehicles, from GM’s BrightDrop, as one part of a larger push to make all pickup and delivery vehicles zero emissions. By 2040, FedEx says it plans to become carbon neutral.

“The Paris [climate] accord is calling for this to be done by 2050,” says Mitch Jackson, chief sustainability officer for FedEx Corp. “We looked at it and felt that we could do it by 2040. And if we felt that way, it was incumbent upon us to do that.” Amazon has the same goal.

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