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Japan Doubles Down On Massive Hydrogen Ship Plan

By October 15, 2021January 4th, 2022No Comments

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Japan Doubles Down On Massive Hydrogen Ship Plan

Oct 15, 2021 • qCaptain

Japan unveiled a basic hydrogen strategy in 2017, aiming to import about 300,000 tonnes of hydrogen in 2030.

To support making hydrogen fuel more commercial, Industry Minister Hiroshi Kajiyama said his ministry has requested a hydrogen budget of $800 million for FY 2021, 20% more than FY 2020.

Japan will try to speed up technological developments to help scale up a transportation system for hydrogen using ships by around 2030. Kawasaki Heavy Industries plans to begin shipping liquefied hydrogen from Australia to Japan in early 2021 for the first time in the world.

Chiyoda Corp succeeded in a pilot project in June to ship hydrogen in a chemical form, methylcyclohexane, from Brunei to Japan as fuel for power generation.

Toyota Motor and eight other firms said that they will form a new nation-wide hydrogen association in December 2020 to promote hydrogen supply chains and global alliances.

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