We say that H2 Clipper is a purpose-driven company because we (its founders, principals and stakeholders) believe in the value of understanding ”Why?” – as in, “Why does H2 Clipper exist?” We explain “Why” in three steps, beginning with Our Vision – the aspirations that lay at the heart of H2 Clipper, and a statement about what the future looks like when H2 Clipper is successful. Next, Our Mission explains the role H2 Clipper plays in society, answering the question “How is H2 Clipper going to make this Vision a reality?” And finally, Our Purpose explains the all-important “Why.”

This is why we care about H2 Clipper, and why we hope others who share Our Vision will care to participate with us!

Our Mission

To accelerate the hydrogen economy worldwide through the rapid, cost-efficient delivery of green hydrogen and other forms of freight; and provide a practical solution to “last-mile” delivery of pure hydrogen to end-users.

Our Purpose

To drive the evolution of planetary-wide systems and technologies to heal the biosphere and ensure humanity thrives.

Our Vision

A world operating on clean, sustainable and disruptively-efficient renewable energy.

A Letter from Our Founder

For almost forty years, as an entrepreneur and executive, my focus has been on exploring how business can best serve the common good. I think that business is the most important and most powerful institution on the planet. And we should use business to solve humanity’s largest challenges.

Of all the challenges I have worked on during the past four decades, the threat that climate change poses to human survival is the biggest. We can only mitigate the effects of climate change when we rapidly discard fossil fuels as the base of our energy infrastructure.

I believe that sustainable produced—green—hydrogen is the best, and likely, only solution we can implement to replace fossil fuels and to reverse global warming. Only hydrogen can produce and store electricity as well as power heavy industry and transportation.

However, green hydrogen faces a challenge: It can be produced at competitive prices where solar, wind and other renewables are cheap. But most of these places are far away from where energy is needed.

I started H₂ Clipper to solve that problem. Our airships—in combination with our last mile ‘Pipe-within-a-Pipe’ distribution—can bring green hydrogen quickly and efficiently where we need it now. Therefore, H2 Clipper is an essential contribution to the biggest crisis of our times.

We can only succeed in reversing global warming when humanity is willing and able to work together. H2 Clipper wants to be part of that collaborative effort. I hope you will join me in that effort.