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Oil vs Water — Confessions of a carbon emitter

By January 24, 2021December 16th, 2021No Comments

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Oil vs Water — Confessions of a carbon emitter

Jan 24, 2021 • ABC

In this first Boyer lecture, leading philanthropist and businessman Andrew Forrest calls for an urgent move to green hydrogen "on a global scale"

Having just returned from visiting nearly 50 countries in four months, Dr Forrest says he’s seen a paradigm shift in global thinking. Sovereign leaders, business people, politicians, financiers and technology developers have developed a “genuine thirst” for a rapid shift to green energy.

He argues Australia is perfectly placed to become a world leader in the production of green hydrogen energy. For Dr Forrest, the question is not whether green hydrogen will become the next global energy form, but who will be the first to mass-produce it?

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