Hydrogen Americas Summit (Virtual | June 2021)

On June 10, 2021, H2 Clipper Chairman and founder, Rinaldo Brutoco, was an invited speaker at the Sustainable Energy Council’s Hydrogen America Conference. The summit brought together 245 registered delegates representing all the key players in hydrogen development in the Americas. Latin America (LATAM) is in a privileged position to become one of the world’s hydrogen powerhouses. With vast renewable resources in the region, the continent is well positioned to become a major green hydrogen exporter and Rinaldo’s presentation focused on the attractive cost and speed advantages of using H2 Clipper to transport liquified hydrogen to global markets.

International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (Glasgow, Scotland | September 2020)

On September 3, 2020, H2 Clipper Chairman and founder, Rinaldo Brutoco, was an invited speaker at the First International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC2020). Featuring presentations by 20 industry experts and stakeholders regarding the role of hydrogen in aviation, the event was held virtually and live-streamed from its original pre-COVID hosting venue in Glasgow, Scotland.

Tony Seba: Clean Disruption - Energy and Transportation (Boulder, Colorado | June 2017)

The nature of disruption – as described with respect to solar energy by Stanford University futurist, Tony Seba – provides a starting point for appreciating why the H2 Clipper is the disruptive technology to unlock the hydrogen economy globally, hasten the shift from fossil fuel to clean energy, and revolutionize every sector of the economy, playing a major role in reversing climate change.