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SoCalGas Proposes “Angeles Link” California Green Hydrogen Mega Project

By February 22, 2022February 25th, 2022No Comments

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SoCalGas Proposes “Angeles Link” California Green Hydrogen Mega Project

Feb 22, 2022 • esg Review

SoCalGas proposes to develop United States' largest green hydrogen energy infrastructure system to help decarbonize LA Basin and accelerate California's climate goals

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) announced its proposal to develop what would be the nation’s largest green hydrogen energy infrastructure system, known as “Angeles Link,” to deliver clean, reliable renewable energy to the Los Angeles (LA) region. As proposed, the Angeles Link would support the integration of more renewable electricity resources like solar and wind and would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electric generation, industrial processes, heavy-duty trucks, and other hard-to-electrify sectors of the Southern California economy. The proposed Angeles Link would also significantly decrease demand for natural gas, diesel, and other fossil fuels in the LA Basin, helping accelerate California’s and the region’s climate and clean air goals.

“The challenges we face on climate require solutions of scale and urgency,” said Scott Drury, chief executive officer of SoCalGas. “The Angeles Link is designed to meet those challenges head-on. Today in Southern California we’re announcing plans for one of the world’s largest clean energy infrastructure systems, to help tackle emissions for which there are no easy answers. Those emissions — from power plants, industry, and heavy-duty trucks — very much ‘count’ and must be significantly reduced to reach our, and the State’s, climate goals.”

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