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Viking Planning World’s First Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Cruise Ship

By October 2, 2017November 28th, 2021No Comments

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Viking Planning World’s First Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Cruise Ship

Oct 2, 2017 • qCaptain

Viking Cruises has revealed that it is developing what could become the world’s first cruise powered by liquid hydrogen.

The company announced the plan Friday at the Safety at Sea Conference held in Haugesund, Norway.

The proposed hydrogen-powered cruise ship will be built based on existing cruise ship designs, such as the Viking Sun. It will be around 230 meters long and will accommodate more than 900 passengers and a crew of 500, according to Viking. “This is a world sensation. Very exciting.

If they pull this off, a distribution network may be established, which will enable others as well to use hydrogen as fuel, and could contribute to a zero-emission shipping industry,” says Director General of Shipping and Navigation, Olav Akselsen.

Viking says it has been working with the Norwegian International Ship Register on this and several other new projects in recent years. If developed, the new vessel will be registered in Norway.

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