The energy future of freight transport is 100% green

Advancing the green hydrogen revolution worldwide.


A 21st Century hydrogen dirigible

Unmatched speed, payload and cargo capacity, with zero CO2 or NOx emissions.


Disrupting multiple trillion $ industries

Transforming the air freight, clean energy and shipping industries worldwide.


The technology to unlock the hydrogen economy

A Pipeline in the SkyTM for green hydrogen transport worldwide.


H2 Clipper: A purpose-based company

A world operating on clean, sustainable and disruptively-efficient renewable energy.

Air Speed (280 km/h)
Payload Capacity (150,000 kg)
Cargo Area (7,530+ m3)

175+ mph Air Speed

This is not your grand-daddy’s dirigible! The H2 Clipper uses the latest hydrogen fuel cells and powerful electric engines to travel globe-straddling distances of 6,000+ miles (9,656+ km) at speeds of 175 mph, or greater.

Massive Lift Capacity

Besides being clean, hydrogen is also the world’s lightest element. The H2 Clipper uses the lifting power of hydrogen to carry 340,000 pounds (150 metric tons) of payload 6,000 miles at 175 mph.

Enormous Cargo Volume

For transport companies, cargo volume is frequently a greater constraint than weight. With a cargo area of over 265,000 cubic feet, the H2 Clipper has 8 to 10 times more cargo space than any other air freighter.

Distance (9,650+ km)

< $0.25/ton-mile

Total Cost ($0.177 to $0.247/ton-mile)

Renewable Energy

6,000+ Mile Range

By using liquid hydrogen and fuel cell technology for propulsion, the H2 Clipper can operate efficiently at service ranges from under 500 to well over 6,000 miles. At 175 mph, and using vertical take-off and landing, the H2 Clipper can deliver goods directly from a factory in China to a distribution center in the U.S. in less than 36 hours.

Disruptive Cost

With an average cruising speed of 175 mph, the H2 Clipper operates at a cost of between $0.177 to $0.247 per ton-mile for distances of 1,000 to 6,000 miles. This is less than one-quarter the cost of traditional air freighters. The combination of the airship’s range, speed, payload, and cost make the H2 Clipper highly disruptive.

Climate Pledge Friendly

The H2 Clipper utilizes 100% green hydrogen both as a lifting gas and as fuel. By using modern fuel cell technology, fresh water is the H2 Clipper's only operating by-product. It is not only 7X to 10X faster than a ship and 4X less costly than an air freighter, but also the only climate pledge friendly alternative for long-haul transport.